10 - 03 - 2021

Charter with skipper for a fantastic boat holiday!

Boat holidays are becoming increasingly popular, but for renting a boat sometimes a license is not enough.

You have been dreaming for years of relaxing on a boat, sunbathing and swimming in coves far from the crowds and beaches, landing to visit the small seaside villages, letting yourself be lulled by the waves and live a regenerating holiday but... but you do not have a license to rent a boat: the solution is to rent a boat with skipper and enjoy the boat holiday in total relaxation!

In fact, in order to rent a boat, it is necessary to be equipped with a valid and suitable boat license for the type of boat you want to rent, otherwise the skipper is mandatory.

But even those who have the license may want to choose a rental with skipper: there is a difference between having a boat license and having the experience to command a boat in unknown waters.

Boat holidays are increasingly popular, they are certainly a safer holiday with the covid-19 pandemic, but the trend had already started a few years ago. And in the coming years it is expected that requests will increase, thanks to platforms such as Boatsandgo (Boatsandgo - Click, Compare, Sail.)that are democratizing "the boat holiday" by subtracting it from the niche and allowing more and more people to be able to choose the right boat for their needs at the right price.

Boatsandgo is in fact a search engine that allows you to compare thousands of charter sites and boat offers for rent, allowing anyone who wants to organize a boat holiday to find the best offer in just a few clicks without having to visit hundreds of different sites.

The boat is becoming an alternative to the beach house or beach hotel and the figure of the skipper is becoming more and more important since not everyone who decides for a boat holiday has the titles and experience to manage it.

Who's the skipper?

The skipper is a professional, qualified by an special license, able to command the boat during navigation, carry passengers, take care of mooring maneuvers and also provide other services.

A job that is not only to transport passengers in a boat, but also to manage everything involved in boat management, maintenance, safety and organization; it also maintains relations with the crew, the maritime authorities and the charter company or shipowner.

Why choose a rental with skipper?

The presence of the skipper not only allows you to enjoy the holiday in the best way especially for those who are not familiar with the world of boating but allows you to have on board a professional figure who is a guarantee of safety and a source for advice and suggestions.

What's not the skipper's job?

Let's say right away that cleaning up and cooking don't fit the skipper's duties! Cook and/or hostess services can always be requested when booking, but is not the skipper’s job in any case.

It is always good practice to listen to his/her advice, the skipper knows the places, has experience with the changing weather conditions, and if suggests one itinerary rather than another or to return to port because a thunderstorm arrives let's listen to it.

Where does the skipper sleep?

When calculating the number of beds, you need, don't forget to count that for the skipper too!

On a boat you can sleep not only in the cabin, but also in the dinette, that is, the sitting room below deck whose sofas turn into beds.

In smaller boats the skipper can use the dinette and share a bathroom, in larger boats it is good to reserve a cabin with bathroom.

The costs for having the skipper on board.

The cost for the skipper's services is between 150/180 euros per day and the rate does not change if he is on board to assist if you have a license or not.

But there are many companies that offer the boat rental formula including skipper service.

On you will find thousands of offers for hundreds of destinations.

How do you organize the galley?

The skipper does not contribute to the costs of galley (as not contribute to the costs of fuel and ports either, of course) but they benefit from them. Keep that in mind.

Valuable tips

The skipper is normally a deep connoisseur of the area in which he works, not only of the sea with its peculiarities but also of tourist resorts.

Not only will it introduce you to the most secret corners, exclusive beaches, lesser-known coves that will avoid the areas most crowded by mass tourism, but it will also advise you where to shop rather than the most typical restaurant or the place frequented by locals. In order not to forget the advice and suggestions on the activities that you can do at sea and on board, where you can admire the most beautiful seabed, where to do the most suggestive dive, where it is the best fishing spot, etc.

Skippers are usually sociable and inclusive, pleasantly willing to explain maneuvers and get the crew to work if they want to!

An experienced professional who can provide many useful tips; having them on board is an opportunity to always learn something new about sailing and will allow you to enjoy the boat holiday in total relax.

With a skipper onboard you only have to relax and enjoy your holidays