31 - 03 - 2021

Holidays and social distance: the boat is the perfect solution!

The boat holiday is increasingly in the common imagination the ideal solution to travel safely.

For this reason, among the offers of the travel and tourism industry, it is increasingly acquiring a prominent place.

Already during the past year renting a boat to spend their holidays or even just a few hours in complete relaxation, far from the crowded beaches has been identified by many as the perfect solution in times of Covid.

The numbers of those who have chosen to rent a boat for the first time in 2020 are important, and even for summer 2021 the trend is expected to grow.

If you have never rented a boat you can read our advice :

The numbers of those who have chosen to rent a boat for the first time in 2020 are important!

What kind of boat to rent?

There are many types of boat to choose from, on you can "customize" your search and find the boat with the characteristics you like the most, just refine the search through the filters.

Boatsandgo is a search engine for boat holidays, all you have to do is be inspired and find the right boat for your holiday.

You can choose according to your needs and different prices and types of boats with or without skipper appear; sailboat, catamaran, motor boats, ribs or even a vintage boat as can be a schooner, in Italy and all over the world.

In addition, many charter and boat rental companies given the uncertain period, to meet the needs of serenity, are offering a flexible cancellation or change date service before check in on the booked boat.

There are many types of boat to choose from.

What destination?

Italy has always been a favorite destination for tourists from all over the world.

And with its 7456 km of coastline, small and large bays, magnificent gulfs, suggestive beaches and enchanting coves, it is the perfect destination for any type of boat holiday.

From large seaside towns to small fishermen villages, it is easy to find marinas and ports that offer quality tourist services suitable for all needs for an unforgettable boat holiday and in the name of social distancing.

In our country boat rental is widespread throughout the territory and the offer of charter and boat rental is huge.

But which destination to prefer? Wherever you decide to disembark, Italy offers everything you want when you think of a boat holiday: not only sea but also history, nature, good food and services.

Remember, however, that it is possible to reach the same destination from different ports. It is good to identify a nautical base, that is, a port of departure, as close as possible to the places you want to visit.

For example, to visit the Aeolian Islands it is good to consider as a starting point to rent a boat a port such as Milazzo, Vibo Valentia, Portorosa or marina Capo d’Orlando; to visit the Pontine Islands instead better the port Neptune; it is always good to do a preliminary search!

Italy offers everything you want.

Is a boat holiday expensive?

Renting a boat for a week is no more expensive than booking a three-star residence.

Obviously different factors affect the prices, the type of boat, the period, the presence or not of the skipper and/or other staff.

But unlike other types of holidays, autonomy and privacy are guaranteed on a boat!

The boat is a real small house, with all the comforts to feel at home and with all the advantages of the holiday, you have at your disposal a complete kitchen that allows you to manage meals and spending independently but above all there are no time constraints to be respected nor rules of behavior to keep!

And then think about how different it is to go on a beautiful beach by land or go there by sea, especially because the most suggestive and exclusive beaches are those that can only be reached by boat.

So the boat holiday is the ideal way to avoid the lines and crowded places.