21 - 04 - 2021

Holidays 2021, what are the trends?

The Covid-19 pandemic is changing the perception we have of holidays and travel.

And for the upcoming summer, tourism companies have already moved in this direction trying to meet and accommodate the new needs of post-pandemic travelers, an audience much more attentive to two fundamental aspects: safety and health.

A traveler oriented to discover healthy and culturally sustainable lifestyles, who chooses more responsible ways of traveling towards the world in which we live.

Not only social distancing, contact less and automated solutions for online check in and concierge services; the new will be an eco-sustainable tourism, linked to the care and well-being of the person, both body and mind.

A tourism that will have as destinations the small destinations.

Among the tourism trends for the coming months, undertourism is positioning itself high up in the travel sector.

Among the trends in the tourism sector, experts increasingly indicate the growth of the so-called undertourism, or the happy tendency to think about holidays and travel, free moments and relaxation, favoring little-known destinations and relaxing experiences, perhaps a few steps from home.

A tourism that will have as destinations the small destinations, places never before taken into account, which enhances the typical side of the places, outdoor activities and neighborhood tourism.

Far from crowds and chaos, undertourism will be the new trend for those who feel like travelers and not simple tourists.


The customization of tourist services, a trend not to be underestimated.

The arrival of Covid-19 vaccines has given travelers confidence.

Vaccines and vaccination campaigns are seen as the way out of red zones and lockdowns.

Travelers are ready to pack but ask for personalized tourist services and choose quiet destinations.

The Covid-19 pandemic, changed the way we travel and spend our holidays, has also changed the priorities and objectives of the 2021 holidays.

Not only alternative destinations and accommodations, but also experiences.

The boat holiday is synonymous with relaxation and freedom.

And when we talk about trends in the tourism sector, such as destinations, destinations and alternative accommodations we can’t forget cruises and especially boat holidays!

Among the trends towards which the Coronavirus pandemic has pushed us, an increasingly prominent place is taking on boat holidays and cruises.

Betting on the improbability of a new wave of the pandemic, the cruise industry is seeing an important recovery in bookings for the summer.

And as for the boat holiday, already the past year renting a boat to spend your holidays or even just a few hours in complete relaxation away from the crowded beaches has been identified by many as the perfect solution in times of Covid-19.

The numbers of those who choose this type of holiday are increasing, the link for some advice:

Forget crowds and chaos, discovering silence, nature; forget the long lines to reach the crowded beaches, the rides to be able to grab the last free place; forget the stress: the boat holiday is synonymous with relaxation and freedom.

You can compare thousands of sites.

On you can compare thousands of sites that offer rental boats and charters.

By boat, of course, you can visit places far from mass tourism, which still preserve most of the traditions and intangible heritage not only of our country, but also to experience the most popular places in a different way, in the name of safety.

Fortunately, we live in a diverse and full of variety world, why not turn our attention to new and unusual destinations, which are still authentic, which safeguard traditions and which can offer tourists or travelers a non-stereotyped travel idea?