05 - 05 - 2021

Summer 2021, boating holidays are booming!

The demand for boat rental for 2021 holidays is growing, we talk about it with the founders of Boatsandgo.

For several years now, the sailing holiday has been experiencing a moment of growth, a trend that in recent years had been steadily rising but with the Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant acceleration.

Today the sailing holiday represents one of the best solutions to get away from the crowds and enjoy the holidays in total safety.

And in fact, the sailing holiday is becoming the alternative to renting a house by the sea or a hotel on the beach.

Luciano Pergola, CEO and co-founder of Boatsandgo, the first search engine that compares charter and boat rental offers, talks about it:

<< The growth in searches for charters and rental boats that we have been skyrocketing in the last month on our platform ( is linked to several factors. On one hand, the sailing holiday is a valid option not only because it is completely Covid-free but also because it is less subject to sudden changes in rules and conditions due to the pandemic to which we have had to get used to in the last year and a half >> .

Antonio Amendola and Luciano Pergola, founders of Boatsandgo.

Is the growth in bookings also due to the particular flexibility of a sailing holiday? Antonio Amendola, co-founder of Bostasandgo, answers us:

<< A sailing holiday allows you to reschedule your itinerary at any time. Waking up and falling asleep in the middle of the sea, away from the stress and chaos of crowded beaches, being able to visit small seaside villages or cultural cities every day, sailing in safety and tranquility between islands and deserted bays, are all elements that make the nautical charter or boat rental more and more requested and widespread >>.

One of the best solutions to enjoy your holidays in total safety. ("Happy Sailor" by Paul Schultz is licensed under CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

Although it will still take some time to return to travel "normally", the sailing holiday therefore offers to be able to do so while maintaining the right spacing measures with high safety standards.

Renting a boat to spend their holidays immersed in nature seems to be the ideal solution for families who have to combine different needs, comfort and relaxation for adults, adventure and fun for the little ones, but also for groups of friends.

What indications come out of the searches carried out on your platform?

<< most of the research are performed by families, or in any case groups of two or more families with children, and the request of those approaching this type of holiday for the first time and orienting themselves to rental with skipper (, especially Italians, who are looking for catamarans or spacious boats with 4 or more cabins >> says Luciano.

Internal tourism is Italy's favourite, probably because the ports of departure can be reached with short journeys, but have you also registered the interest of foreigners?

Antonio tells us << Italy has always been a favorite destination for foreign tourism, but due to the uncertain situation, the presence of foreigners is linked to several variables. The vaccination passport or green pass is still in its embryonic stage, attendance and flows may depend on that >> (

And it continues << Italy with more than 7 thousand km of coasts, small and large bays, gulfs and enchanting beaches is perfect for any type of boat holiday, moreover throughout the territory it is easy to find marinas and ports that offer tourist services of quality suitable for all needs. Wherever you decide to land, the Bel Paese offers everything you could wish for an unforgettable sailing holiday >>.

Italy is the perfect destination for any type of sailing holiday.

From Sicily to Sardinia, from Calabria to Liguria, and then Tuscany, Lazio, Puglia, Campania and Basilicata there is only the embarrassment of choice, and certainly finding your way around and making the best choice must not be easy:

Antonio << true, there are hundreds of charter companies, agencies and tour operators that offer thousands of possibilities for a sailing holiday, but thanks to Boatsandgo everything is easier >>.

Boatsandgo is the first search engine for charter offers and rental boats that allows in a few clicks to have all the offers available and to contact the company directly without have to consult hundreds of different sites.

But does it work as for specialized agencies in the sector? With waiting times for a quote or the obligation to register and fill out the form?

<< No waiting time for the quote, the cost of the offer is immediately available because it is what the companies offering the service put directly on the platform. No registration and no form to fill out. Our algorithm was created to allow the digitization of the sector and the basic idea of our startup is to democratize the sailing holiday and make it affordable for everyone >>.

Boatsandgo allows in a few clicks to have all the offers available.

Antonio adds << Boatsandgo works only with certified companies and the offers on our platform are all verifiable because users are put directly in contact with rental and charter companies, we do not act as intermediaries, and also economic transactions are managed directly between customers and companies and therefore without price increases.

The worry of scams or of relying on non-transparent sites on Boatsandgo does not exist, thousands of charter and boat rental companies, more than 20 thousand boats present on the platform, from sailing boats to motor boats, from catamarans to luxury yachts, from the dinghy to a wooden gullet.

just set the search according to the filters that the portal makes available to find in a few clicks the perfect boat for your holidays at the right price >>.

Security and distance to which are added the emotion and the feeling of freedom that only the sea can offer, what to add?


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