18 - 08 - 2021

First experience on a boat? 6 things to remember for those who want to rent a boat.

Small vademecum of Boatsandgo for those who rent a boat, sail or motor, for the first time.

Although the pandemic situation remains complicated, although individual situations vary from country to country, Europe has not given up on holidays.

In most European countries, despite the absence of overseas tourists, the number of bookings was good, and the volumes of those who, for the first time, approached a boat holiday are also significant.

The choice is wide and on sites like, a boat holiday search engine that compares offers from hundreds of different sites, you can customize your choice and find the boat with the right characteristics by refining your search. through the numerous filters that the platform makes available.

The first search engine for boat holidays.

Renting a boat is an excellent solution to avoid crowds and is seen as the covid free holiday par excellence, a way to travel combining safety without sacrificing comfort, in total immersion in nature and capable of restoring that sense of lost freedom. in the months in which we were forced into the home.

In recent years, the sailing holiday has experienced constant growth, a trend that, due to the health situation, has experienced a significant acceleration.

Renting a boat is a unique experience ("Andrey, Diana, Varvara and Valentina. Phuket Yacht - Maiton and Coral island, 07-Mar-2019 XOKA0540bs" by Phuketian.S is licensed under CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

And the boom in boating holidays has led to an increasing number of newbies and those who have approached boat rental for the first time: consequently an increasing number of boats that meet while sailing and of novice captains.

When you rent a boat with a skipper you do not worry about bureaucratic or technical aspects, the skipper is a professional whose presence guarantees safety.

But even if you rent a boat whose rental does not require a nautical license and therefore the presence of the skipper is not necessary, you must always proceed with caution and possibly inquire about various aspects.

Here we leave you some tips for those in their first experience, some tips to keep in mind to be able to navigate informed and fully enjoy the holiday:

AMP Egadi Islands ("isole egadi sicily boboviel favignana marettimo levanzo" by boboviel is licensed under CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

1. The rules. Let's start with the basics. In order not to risk running into fines (which can sometimes be very high), it is better to inquire. Renting a boat must be a relaxing, non-stressful experience. And to avoid moments of stress it is advisable to know the regulations governing the area in which we want to navigate, if it is an AMP or a marine protected area, if you can practice water sports or if special permits are needed to give or transit . We invite you to consult the website of the Coast Guard ( and the related Port Authorities.

Inquire about marine weather conditions ("Sunset" by Emanuele Longo is licensed under CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

2. The weather. Another fundamental information for the success of the boat holiday concerns the marine weather conditions. It is always necessary to inquire about the meteorological situation of the place of departure and the stretch that you want to navigate. With rough seas or strong winds, everything becomes complicated and even the simplest maneuvers can turn into extremely difficult operations.

Safety equipment is important.

3. The safety equipment of the boat. It is always necessary to check that the rented boat is approved for the number of people to be taken on board, that there are minimum safety equipment, life jackets, signal flares etc.

4. The fuel. Running out of fuel is not an emergency, it is a foolish thing that can be avoided with prudent behavior. The rescue vehicles cannot be used to go to the aid of those who remain at sea for a lack of this kind. Start with a full tank and keep in mind that you will not find refueling stations on the sea. “In the sea there are no taverns”!

Always pay close attention ("Open Water Diver - 28_07_2010" by TauchSport_Steininger is licensed under CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

5. Speed ​​limits. Entry and exit from the port are subject to a maximum speed which must be strictly respected. But even when sailing along the coast it is important to respect the limits and pay attention to the presence of swimmers and divers. For example, when you rent a boat in Italy you must never exceed 10 knots near the coast. And when you are sailing below 1000 meters from the beaches or less than 500 meters from the rocky coasts you have to turn off the engine! And when to give anchor you pass close to other boats at anchor you have to pay the utmost attention to the presence of swimmers. A few minutes of attention allow you to enjoy the well-deserved relax!

6. Be careful and cautious. Remember that being at the helm of a boat is not like being behind the wheel of a car. At sea there are no well-defined "carriageways", so it is necessary to pay the utmost attention, not only in navigation. at sea, caution is never too much! When you spot buoys or other types of reports of the presence of divers, you must navigate at least 100 meters away from the signal. Every year the summer news is filled with episodes concerning inexperienced boaters and often these episodes are not funny but can turn into tragedies.

The boat holiday is suitable for everyone.

Following these tips will allow you to enjoy your sailing holiday without worries.

Waking up and falling asleep in the middle of the sea, away from the stress and chaos of crowded beaches, visiting a new place every day, small seaside villages, beaches, coves, navigating safely and in peace will be a unique experience that you will want to repeat as soon as possible.