25 - 08 - 2021

Boat holidays in September? Many advantages to choose the last part of summer.

September is the most beautiful month at sea, perfect for a boat holiday.

The boat holiday is a choice that in our latitudes can be made almost all year round, for the mild climate and for the many attractions that the Mediterranean offers.

Renting a boat and spending your holidays allows you to move in complete freedom and safety, intimacy and privacy on the one hand, fun and total immersion in nature on the other: for this reason the boat holiday is increasingly in demand!

And deciding to take a boat holiday in September definitely has many advantages:

· Cooler temperature, especially in a year like this when they have reached record levels.

· Less crowds, in September you won't find yourself on crowded docks and ports stormed by tourists.

· Low costs, you will find prices of boat rental and charter offers less expensive than those of the previous months.

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September is the perfect month to take a boat holiday.

Renting a boat in September is really one of the best choices you can make to organize your holidays, to free yourself of the heaviness of the past year and come back regenerated and relaxed. Focus on your needs, choose where to go, which itinerary to follow and enjoy every moment of your boat holiday.

Choosing the type of boat

From luxury accommodation to the cheapest solution, from a family boat holiday to a holiday with friends, you have to start from the preliminary choice: the vehicle.

Sailboat, cheaper than motor boats, or a catamaran, ideal boat for groups of 8  or more people: they are different means with different costs.

A sailboat or a dinghy are more versatile means and offer fun for all tastes, yachts and catamarans are more spacious means and offer comfort and relaxation.

Choose itinerary

The Mediterranean is the ideal destination for a boat holiday in September, whether it is a weekend or a week, the Mare Nostrum never ceases to amaze for its beauty and for the peculiar combination of land and sea that it offers.

Renting a boat on the Amalfi Coast is a fantastic experience ("Amalfi Coast" by Benson Kua is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

Some itineraries ideas from the Boatsandgo team:

· Boat holiday in September on the Amalfi coast.

Renting a boat on the Amalfi Coast and sailing along its coasts is a unique experience for the incomparable beauty of the places, a destination in every era of travelers. Green terraces that plunge into the blue sea and guard small seaside villages famous all over the world and coves of extraordinary beauty: the Emerald Grotto, the Bay of Ieranto, the Conca dei Marini and the Fjord of Furore to name a few iconic places.

In this area the navigation is quite simple, except with Libeccio or Scirocco, remember that there are few ports where to dock, the marinas of Amalfi and Cetara and the very well-equipped port of Salerno.

Sailing northeast of Amalfi we meet the wonderful Bay of Ieranto, a paradise preserved by the establishment of an integral nature reserve, a place that has always fascinated poets and artists, the place where the sirens lived according to legends.

Immediately after we find the Bay of Nerano, with its picturesque seaside village, known throughout the world for its culinary peculiarities, and its splendid caves.

Sailing along the Amalfi Coast you arrive in Positano, where you can decide to go anchor and visit this beautiful village perched on the sea, the white houses covered with colorful flowers, the domes of majolica and around a typically Mediterranean landscape, a wonderful scenery that is completed with the islets of Li Galli, three islets right in front of Positano.

Continuing the navigation, just 6  miles from Positano, you arrive at  Amalfi, magnificent, unique, rich in history and art, like its Byzantine-era Cathedral, which dominates the square from which many alleys branch off full of shops and clubs where you can taste sweets (our favorite is the lemon delight!), sorbets and many typical dishes. The small port of Amalfi is exposed to the east, with the Scirocco wind it becomes dangerous to enter if you do not know it well; the intense tourist and commercial traffic makes it inadvisable to stay at anchor.

Sailing along the Amalfi Coast you will be amazed by the breathtaking views being able to enjoy, from a privileged view and away from the crowds, enchanting and iconic views!

Tip licosa and its lighthouse ("P9040583fscr" by pollobarca2 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

· Boat holiday in September in Cilento.

The distinctive feature of the Cilento Coast is the fusion of vegetation with the sea. Crystal clear waters and golden sandy beaches lapped by the green of the centuries-old olive trees and the Mediterranean scrub.

To navigate the Cilento coast you can decide to rent a boat in Agropoli, which in addition to being a safe and sheltered port is a country that is worth a visit, especially its small seaside village, easily accessible by train, offers services of all kinds.

Heading south you arrive in a few miles to Punta Licosa with its protected area and its typically Mediterranean lighthouse. This is a point where you need to be careful due to the presence of rocky shoals that extend for about 2 miles: in this stretch the water is very shallow, from a few centimeters to three meters.

Following south you arrive at the bay of Ogliastro, dotted with small fishing villages such as Acciaroli, a very characteristic village with its marina where you can make a stop.

Continuing the navigation to the south you will meet one of the wonders of the Cilento Coast or Capo Palinuro, with its beaches reachable only by sea, its caves, its seabed (known by divers from all over the world), the Baia del Buon Dormire and the islet of the Rabbit.

Going further south you will find the Gulf of Policastro with its panorama immersed in the most luxuriant Mediterranean scrub and breathtaking bays such as Punta degli Infreschi and Marina di Camerota.

Playa Es Trenc The Caribbean Mediterranean ("Es Trenc" by Greg_Men is licensed under CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

· Boat holiday in September in Mallorca.

Renting a boat in Mallorca is the best way to get to know the Queen of the Balearic Islands and September is a perfect time.

The time will never be enough, the island with its 300 beaches, coves, parks offers a lot to see.

There are many ports on the island where you can rent a boat and set off to discover postcard beaches or little-known and popular coves.

If you are on your first visit you can not miss to visit the south coast of Mallorca and its wonders.

Starting from the Bay of Palma in a south-east direction you will skirt some of the beaches of Mallorcan nightlife such as S'Arenal  to arrive in a few miles to Cala Pi, a sandy cove surrounded by fragrant pines so characteristic as to have given its name to the cove.

Continuing the navigation in a south-east direction, we meet that perhaps is the best-known beach on the island of Mallorca or Playa Es Trenc, the Caribbean of the Mediterranean!

Cala Mondragò a small beach of white sand and crystal clear water ("Cala Mondragò, Maiorca (E)" by Irene Grassi (sun sand & sea) is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

The east coast is perfect to know if you decide to rent a boat in Mallorca.

Sailing from east to  west we meet, in the homonymous natural park, Cala Mondragò, a small white sandy beach lined with two rocky promontories that plunge into the turquoise water.

Immediately afterwards we find five splendid, small and suggestive coves, which go by the name of Cala D'Or.

Continuing you arrive at Porto Cristo, characteristic with its village and its port very popular with sailors.

A short distance away you will find yourself in an inlet whose name suggests how sheltered it is, Cala Millor, a white sandy beach and crystal-clear waters.

The north coast of the island of Majorca.

In the north-east of the Majorcan coast is Cala Ratjada, one of the hidden gems of the island, a wild and fascinating coastline that looks towards the island of Menorca; suggestive coves and crystal-clear waters that have been awarded the Blue Flag for years.

The northwestern part, which goes from Cap Formentor to the Port of  Andratx, is known as the Costa Rocosa: 200 kilometers of rocks up to 300 meters high overlooking the sea and overlooking low and very long beaches.

September is the ideal month to experience the sea, sail with warm air and no longer hot air, sunbathe and swim in clean and uncrowded waters without having to spend a fortune, are just some of the positive sides that push you to choose this last scrap of summer to rent a boat for your holidays.