At the center of the Mediterranean Sea, between Sicily and the coasts of North Africa, is situated the Maltese archipelago, famous for its historical sites but also for its natural beauty.
Malta is perfect for boat holidays thanks to its sunny climate all year round.
In fact, tourism has grown a lot in recent years, especially that related to the nautical sector.
There are many opportunities for sea lovers and wonderful places that can only be visited by renting a boat.
The offer to rent a sailboat or motorboat in Malta is vast and on Boatsandgo you will find many offers to rent a sailboat or motorboat right for you, which will allow you to fully enjoy your holiday.
Rent a boat in Malta is not difficult (under 90 CV you don’t need a boat license) and whatever the chosen itinerary you will find a wonderful sea that will be the spectacular backdrop for your boat holiday, with its colors and honey-colored stones standing out against the deep blue of the Mediterranean.
An example for everyone? The Bejn il-kmiemen reserve, also known as the Blue Lagoon! It is located on the island of Comino and really deserves a boat trip, a bay with shallow waters, transparent water and white sand. From here you can reach the small island of Cominotto even by swimming.
But also the Crystal Lagoon (accessible only by boat), Ramla Beach, splendid with its Roman ruins, its reddish sand and the "Calypso Cave", or San Peter's Poll, the cliffs of Dingli and the Blue Grotto, rock formations overlooking the sea among the most impressive in the world.
Visiting Malta from the sea allows you to have a unique view, sailing near the coast you will be able to see the huge cliffs, rocky coves, bays and sea caves, from a unique perspective.
Malta, however, is not only enchanted islands such as Gozo, Comino, Cominotto, Filfola (the latter can only be visited by boat) or the small island of São Paulo, but also historical and archaeological places, natural beauty and a very lively nightlife, an idea? rent a boat and organize a boat party!
There are many destinations for your boat holiday in Malta, choose your boat on Boatsango, you will find the right boat at the right price.

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