About us

Our story does not start in a garage it begins on a sailboat. During long night shifts behind the wheel or enjoying lovely bays around in the Mediterranean Sea, two friends a skipper and a crew member, had the idea of Boatsandgo by asking themselves “why there is not an aggregator site for charter boats deals?”. They decided to start a new adventure but answer that simple question took them into “rough seas”. In fact, there were many reasons why there wasn’t yet a site like they immagined in the boating market. It took patience, courage and hard work before Boatsandgo was ready to set sails.

Today Boatsandgo is the first and only search engine for charter and rental boats deals in the world and offers to its users the exclusive advantage of compare hundreds of sites and thousands boats just with one click. Boatsandgo does not perform reservations, the user is free to contact directly the offering company by sending a message or by being redirected to their site to finalize the booking. We don’t charge the users for the service and registration is not required.

During our adventure we welcomed more members in our crew and we have also found partners and institutions that supports our navigation.


How it works