28 - 07 - 2022
Small islands: mini paradises for a dream boat holiday!

Small jewel islands to discover by renting a boat for the holidays.

14 - 07 - 2022
Innoweek: the week dedicated to innovation!

A week entirely dedicated to social and technological innovation, planning and training.

06 - 07 - 2022
Blue paradises: 5 destinations in the Mediterranean to discover by boat.

Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Greece in Malta: 5 blue destinations scattered around the Mediterranean to reach and get to know by boat.

29 - 06 - 2022
Sustainable blue economy: the point on the WestMED initiative.

WestMED's mission is clear: to develop a sustainable blue economy, generate growth and preserve the environment.

22 - 06 - 2022
The 8 best Italian bays 2022 for a dream vacation.

Rent a boat and visit the most beautiful bays in Italy to be able to experience a dream vacation. Here they are:

16 - 06 - 2022
Dublin Tech Summit 2022: two days dedicated to innovation in the heart of the European technology scene.

After two years of virtual events, one of the most important technological events in Europe, Dublin , is back live Tech Summit.

09 - 06 - 2022
Simpler boating license? New exam adopted in Italy.

The new Italian exam for the nautical license, less difficult and more modern. Here's what changes.

25 - 05 - 2022
8 tips for a sustainable and responsible sailing holiday.

Living your sailing holidays in a way that respects the environment and the communities you visit: the advices by Boatsandgo.

13 - 05 - 2022
Sustainable and responsible tourism, not a passing trend but the answer to a new sensitivity.

Tourism, like any human activity, has an impact on communities and places, which today need to be contained.

05 - 05 - 2022
12 curiosities that not everyone knows but that make the Mediterranean Sea unique!

It represents only 0.82% of the seas and oceans, yet it is a paradise of biodiversity. Are we sure we know it?

28 - 04 - 2022
Low cost destinations for the 2022 spring sailing holiday.

Five fabulous and economical Mediterranean destinations for an unforgettable sailing holiday but without spending too much.

13 - 04 - 2022
Boat holidays and protected marine areas: discovering the lesser known.

There are many Protected Marine Areas in the Mediterranean: know them to approach the sea world with respect.