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Rent a boat in Greece with Boatsandgo

It is a perfect destination for vacations where the sun and beaches are not lacking. It is littered with paradisiacal islands and islets, more than 6,000, both in the Aegean and Ionian Sea. Athens, its capital, preserves emblematic monuments, such as the citadel of the Acropolis from the 5th century BC. C. with the temple of the Parthenon. Its gastronomy is exquisite, full of delicious dishes.
Sailboat rental in Greece has always been the perfect decision for those who want to go sailing. Enjoy the privileged location of this beautiful country with charming coastal towns, do you want to have a different vacation? Greece is the historical testimony of an ancient civilization as well as the legacy of a long tradition that is reflected in art, architecture, literature or mythology.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Greece?

Renting a boat in Greece can have different prices, this depends on the type of boat, the season, the duration of the rental or the age of the boat among other reasons. With Boatsandgo you can compare boat rentals and take into account different factors to get the best price.

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What to do in Greece?

If you want to have an exciting trip, this beautiful destination is ideal. It is impressive for its beautiful coastal towns that combine culture, sun and beach. Kastro de Sifnos will give you beautiful views from the top of a cliff, and in its streets you can see remains of other ancient times. If good wine and sweet delicacies are your thing, Naoussa will await you with its abundant vineyards and fruit plantations. These are just two of the many towns you will discover. Greece has more than 6,000 islands, imagine how many new places you will visit.

For the most part Mediterranean, hot and dry summers predominate. This type of climate encompasses Athens, the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, Crete, the Peloponnese, the Ionian Islands, and parts of the Central Greece region. Temperatures can range between 20ºC and 30ºC during the day from May to August. If you like sailing August is a month where the north wind blows strong, the surroundings of the Cyclades Islands have even stronger winds.

Ionian Islands

This essential destination is located in the Ionian Sea, you can find pure fun, both in Kavos and Corfu. Spend pleasant nights with an excellent temperature. The quiet beaches and coves will relax you after hectic hours. Myrtos Beach will amaze you with its crystal clear waters and turquoise tones.

Sporades Islands

The islands are located in the Aegean Sea. They are surrounded by impressive stretches of sand and pebbles where you can bathe and dive. You can also visit historical buildings, churches and fortresses. Enjoy Greek culture and architecture.

Argo-Saronic Islands and the Peloponnese

This group of islands is located in the Saronic Gulf, which is a natural protection that softens the winds and waves. You can set sail from Athens and enjoy its islands. You will find the most picturesque ports, old stone villages, and also, you will have the option of anchoring in completely natural coves or in peaceful bays with transparent waters.


Why compare boat rental with Boatsandgo?

One of the main reasons is that you will be able to find the boat that suits you. You are in the destination that you like the most, you will have the possibility to search and compare prices, ports or the characteristics that you expect the boat to have for your vacations. For example, to rent a sailboat you can take into account the age of the boat or the number of cabins that you prefer the most, you may want a more spacious length to enjoy fun moments. What are you waiting for to rent a sailboat?

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