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Boat rental in Italy with Boatsandgo

Italy is located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea making it the perfect destination to spend with family, friends or as a couple. It is a country with unforgettable landscapes, an exquisite gastronomy and above all a unique cultural wealth. The climate is very varied and with a lot of contrast between the north, the center or the south. Yacht charter is widespread throughout Italy. We assure you that from Sicily to Sardinia or from Calabria to Liguria, without forgetting Tuscany, Campania or Basilicata with its jewel Maratea are excellent places to get to know and have a different experience. Are you up to?

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Italy?

The price to rent boats in Italy can vary depending on several factors. This depends on the type of boat, the season, the duration of the rental or the age of the boat among other reasons, it is also subject to the city from which you want to sail or if you will have the service of a skipper and / or a crew on board . With Boatsandgo you can compare boats before renting and consider different factors to find the best boat.

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Navigate in Italy

Italy is the favorite destination for many travelers for its more than 7,000 kilometers of coastline and its islands. Italy is known for its monuments, gastronomy and people. With clean and quiet beaches it is ideal for travelers looking for original vacations. Boatsandgo is the first boat rental comparator that helps you find the best boat for you. Get on board and feel Italy!

Visit Sicily

Small paradise in the Mediterranean, Sicily has an exceptional beauty of great geographical and landscape diversity. The Aeolian Islands, an archipelago of volcanic origin, a world heritage site stand out. The best months for sailing are from May to September. Stromboli will impress you with its active volcano, Vulcano will invite you to take mud baths. Panarea enchants for its unique environment full of history, culture and nature.

Visit Sardinia

Sardinia stands out for its intense blue waters. It is an Italian region with a large forested and windy area, perfect for sailboats. Palau is an attractive destination for its spectacular beaches and coves. The Maddalena Archipelago with its more than 300 beaches, some of them the most beautiful on the planet, is differentiated by the turquoise blue and emerald green of its waters. What will your next destination be?

Visit Campania

The Amalfi Coast, a portion of the coast located on the Sorrento Peninsula, is an essential destination in Italy. Declared an attractive world heritage site
wherever you look at it, it is a strip of great natural beauty. Its picturesque villages have been visited by many artists and VIPs, admired by many the Amalfi coast enchants like no other.

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We offer you the best option for your vacations in the destination that you like the most. Renting boats in Italy can be a simple experience. Find the best boat to sail.

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