12 - 10 - 2020

10 tips for your boat vacations by Boatsandgo.

Boat holiday?What you need to know to find the perfect boat for your vacations.

More and more often, in recent years, we hear about nautical charters.

But what exactly is nautical charter?

Nautical charter is the practice of renting a sailboat or motor boat and more generally nautical means, for a few hours, for a day, for a week or for longer periods. Cruising to coastal or island destinations is usually a vacation activity, but it can also be a corporate event.

Renting a boat is a different way of conceiving your holiday, in the name of freedom and adventure.

Waking up and falling asleep in the middle of the sea, away from the stress and chaos of crowded beaches, being able to visit every day the small seaside villages or cultural cities, all elements that make the nautical charter increasingly used and widespread.

The ideal solution for families and groups of friends who want a holiday dedicated to comfort and relaxation sailing safely and peacefully between islands, coves and deserted bays.

Getting your bearings and making the best choice is really hard. There are hundreds of charter companies, agencies, and tour operators that offer thousands of possibilities for a boat vacation; but today thanks to Boatsandgo everything is easier.

Boatsandgo is the world's first charter and charter boat comparator and with a simple click you will have all the offers at your disposal and you can contact the companies directly without consulting hundreds of different sites.

But let's see together what it is good to know in order to rent a sailboat or engine without surprises and to fully enjoy your holidays.


1- the skipper.(captain)

First of all we have to say that there are two main types of charters: bare-hulled (skipperless) and skippered.

In order to rent a boat it is necessary to be equipped with a valid boat license and suitable for the type of boat you want to rent, otherwise the skipper is mandatory.

The skipper is the professional, qualified by a special license, able to govern the boat during navigation, carry out mooring maneuvers and possibly provide other services. The presence of the skipper not only allows you to enjoy the holiday in the best way especially for those who are not familiar with the world of boating but allows you to have on board a professional figure who is a guarantee of safety and a source of advice and suggestions.


2- the boarding base or port of departure

You can reach the same destination from different ports

The most important thing is to identify a nautical base, that is, a port of departure, as close as possible to the places you want to visit

For example, to visit the Aeolian Islands it is advisable to consider as a starting point to rent a boat a port such as Milazzo, Vibo Valentia or Portorosa; to visit the islands of the Gulf of Saronic in Greece better choose as a starting point the ports of Athens, Piraeus or Lavrion.


3- the type of boat

You can decide to rent the classic sailboat to have the experience of a holiday in contact with nature or a comfortable catamaran that can be more performing or more luxurious, a fast and powerful motor boat or something more classic such as an elegant schooner or a gulet; the choice is really wide and you can find a solution to every need.

Also with regard to the number of people there are many solutions, whether it is a family or a group of friends or even a couple or a single, charter companies have many types of boats and embarkations that can meet the needs of everyone.


4- costs

When evaluating charter offers, it should be borne in the way that all companies have fixed costs and extra costs. For example, end-of-rental cleaning costs are often fixed costs, the costs of being able to take advantage of the wifii on board are often extra costs. Fuel and moorings are always an extra cost.

So when considering an offer it's critical to analyze what's understood and what's not.


5- security deposit

The security deposit is the amount that the companies ask to pay before check-in to cover a possible accident or damage, a sum that is returned at the end of the rental.

It is possible to insure the deposit but it should be borne in mind that in the event of an accident the security deposit could go to cover the damage.

Type of vessel and year of construction affect the amount of the security.


6- inventory
It is nothing more than the list of goods and the status of on-board equipment. Care must be taken when signing the inventory, at the return of the boat in fact the company will verify that everything is like delivery and on this will depend the return of the security deposit.


7- the galley

Organizing meals on board is a really fun experience and if done with a minimum of attention you will avoid stress or having to disembark right on the most beautiful because something fundamental like water is missing on board!

So plenty of water and canned products that don't deteriorate quickly, fresh produce instead you can buy them from time to time taking advantage of the small shops of the ports you will visit.

Don't miss something special to enjoy an aperitif at sunset with breathtaking views!

There are also companies that provide an online order service (for groceries but also laundry) that will be delivered directly to you by boat before departure.


8- cabins and common spaces

The group that you choose for your boat holiday is fundamental, a rule that always applies to every type of holiday, but even more so by boat, where the spaces are limited and narrow!

Consider well how many cabins you need, the necessary beds and do not forget that in case you choose a rental with skipper you must provide a cabin or in any case an appropriate space.


9- luggage

On the boat do not bring trolleys or rigid suitcases, better a bag or a duffel bag. Remember that you are in the boat and your favorite garment will be the costume! So don't bring too many clothes (opt for materials that dry easily!), put in your bag a sweatshirt or windbreaker jacket for cooler evenings and something nice for the evenings you'll spend on the ground. Soaps and detergents absolutely must be biodegradable, the sea thanks!


10- the most important advice

Finally the most important advice, have fun and relax.

Let yourself be lulled by the waves, breathe the scent of the sea and let yourself go to the sea and the wind.

No need to program everything, let yourself be inspired by the moment and the panorama.

The boat holiday will be the experience that you will remember forever and that you will want to repeat soon!