03 - 03 - 2021

Boat holidays with children.

An adventure that will allow you to enjoy the sea safely while making unforgettable memories for your children.

Spring is just around the corner and it's time to think about family holidays.

And in this time of uncertainty due to the covid 19 pandemic making choices is really difficult.

After a year in which moments of leisure and sociality have been extremely sacrificed, it becomes even more important to have moments of joy and fun in the family, guaranteeing the little ones a some serenity in total safety.

You know, the sea is a favorite destination for family holidays; but the thought of the crowded beaches we were used to, makes us uncomfortable.

 what can we do?

The solution could be a boat holiday for the whole family!

Are you thinking about a family boat holiday with children?

The boat holiday is definitely a unique way of experiencing the sea that you will not easily forget and that will leave in your children indelible memories of joy and fun.

The contact with nature and the distance from the lines in tourist resorts or the stress of queues in the car to reach them, will allow parents to relax and give children many adventures that will certainly not let them get bored.

On a boat everything turns in an adventure ("Child Boat Photo" by Kristin Hardwick is marked with CC0 1.0.)

But how to find the right boat?

Just search on Boatsandgo - Click, Compare, Sail. and in a few clicks you can organize the perfect boat holiday for the whole family and find the best solution or the right offer for families.

Few years ago, the boat holiday was considered as something expensive, but just take a look at the many offers to realize that this is not at all, the important thing is to find the right compromise. As with other holidays there are high season periods or luxury accommodations that greatly affect the price.

A luxury yacht or catamaran with skipper, cook and staff during the week of Mid-August will obviously have different prices from those of a sailboat for the family holiday in June or September.

The advice is to choose the port of departure and to do a search depending on the needs, number of places, skipper, etc. and if you do not have clear ideas take a look at this article Boatsandgo - 10 tips for your boat vacations by Boatsandgo - Blog

Is the boat holiday safe for children?

And here comes the main question:

Is a boat holiday safe for the little ones?

The answer is Yes with some practical tricks and a little attention.

Grandparents, don’t worry, the boat holiday is safe and fun!

With toddlers, things are simple, a good baby seat and your normal equipment will be more than enough.

With children walking things are also easy, but even with the little ones who have just started walking you can arrange things up.

The basic rule, for old and young, is prudence!

Safety first! Photo by

What not to forget for a boat holiday with children?

when the children are very young, you can think of making the boat safer, safety nets that are sold ready-to-use and are easy to install; you can ask the charter company if they can provide the nets. By the way, they will be useful even if you take your dog with you.

As equipment you will surely need a life jacket.  Children must wear d it during maneuvers and it is a good solution for their safety and for your tranquility.

Don’t forget a small inflatable boat, you will need it when you want to enjoy a beach, because, to swim to a beautiful nearby beach that adults can reach easily could be an impossible task for children. With a small inflatable boat, you can transport the little one and their games and enjoy the beach in complete relax.

A dry bag where you can put a snack (and your phone for photos!), whether it is a fruit or biscuits, could also be useful: remember that enjoying the sea always widens the appetite!

Boats are often equipped with games and inflatables, ask before booking. In any case, mask and fins are necessary.

 Give special attention to protection from the sun. On the boat the sun usually strikes hard. Try to choose products that don’t pollute the sea and that best protection for children's skin.

A bit of creativity is always welcome!

In the boat everything turns into fun. And with a little creativity you can entertain them for hours, a treasure hunt, a pirate’s game, and why not? yto try to spot dolphins. With a little luck you will make this extraordinary meeting and I assure you that the little ones will never forget it!  

Watchword: respect for the sea.

On board you must always be careful not to pollute the sea!

The sea is an endless source of teaching and experience and that will enrich your children with knowledge and unforgettable memories.

The boat is the ideal habitat for a holiday with children of all ages. The boat holiday will be an experience full of emotions and memorable discoveries, a unique holiday for the whole family.