25 - 05 - 2022

8 tips for a sustainable and responsible sailing holiday.

Living your sailing holidays in a way that respects the environment and the communities you visit: the advices by Boatsandgo.

Tourism is a very important economic sector if we consider that globally it represents 10% of GDP, 13% in Italy (source WTO world tourism organization), but that it has a huge impact on the environment and communities.

Being aware of the negative effects that tourist flows can have has led to the birth of a new sensitivity in tourists who increasingly turn their attention to those tourist products that are respectful of the environment and local cultures, in a word they are increasingly attentive to sustainable tourism .

A survey conducted a few months ago by the well-known site found a greater awareness of the tourist on the subject, the report in which the data were entered, Sustainable Travel Report 2021, tells us that:

• 83% of global travelers think sustainable travel is essential;

• 61% say that the pandemic has increased interest and the desire to adopt sustainable solutions to move into the future;

• 53% admit to feeling annoyed by the lack of infrastructures and accommodation facilities suitable for respecting the environment.

We must undertake behaviors that respect marine environments.

Tourists are becoming more and more aware that resources cannot be used indiscriminately and that the planet cannot eternally sustain behavior that does not respect the environment.

The road to a sustainable future is to become more aware tourists, choosing structures that respect the environment but also experiences that do the same, such as a boat holiday.

Traveling by boat is a unique experience to feel immersed in nature, a combination of freedom and well-being, fun and relaxation.

Choosing a sailboat is one of the most environmentally friendly types of holidays that have less impact on marine ecosystems.

Traveling by sail is a sustainable way to travel because the use of the engine and fuel is very low; sailing moving silently and without polluting pushed by the wind also means discovering how easy it is to manage the fresh water reserves on board and electricity without deprivation and to recycle responsibly.

The sailing holiday is green.

But even a sailing holiday can have an impact on the environment and be a source of pollution, so you need to be aware.

Here are some tips to make boating holidays even greener:


1. Before leaving, turn off any unnecessary items in the house

Before setting off, switch off and unplug all unnecessary items. This not only allows you to save on the electricity bill but also counteracts the waste of resources.


2. Traveling in the low or mid season periods

Choosing for your boat holidays (but not only), the mid or low season periods allows immediate economic savings and to avoid overcrowding, but above all the seasonal adjustment decreases the impact on environments and communities and helps to make levels stable occupational.


3. Support local economies

When you arrive in a port or visit a village it is important to support local economies, small shops and small shops may be more expensive but often the products are of a higher quality. Buying locally grown fruit and vegetables helps reduce transport-related emissions.


4. Use reusable water bottles

Using a water bottle has the immediate effect of producing less plastic that would end up in landfills and at worst, at sea.


5. The souvenirs

There is a saying that goes: take only the memories, leave only the footprints. And we feel like sharing it!

Leave the places you visit or pass through intact, take home only the memories and photos (and absolutely do not leave the waste).

If you want to buy souvenirs it is important to do it from local artisans but above all never, never buy unethical objects such as coral, ivory, animal skins ...


6. Don't waste your resources

It is possible to behave responsibly and against the waste of water and energy even on vacation!


7. Use eco-friendly soaps

When you are in nature it is good practice to avoid using shampoo and shower gel, better to opt for ecological solid soaps.


8. Use eco-friendly sunscreen

Many of the sunscreens on the market contain highly polluting chemicals, such as oxybenzene, which can cause serious damage to marine ecosystems, especially coral reefs. On the market you can easily find natural products that do not pollute and are not harmful to the skin.

The sailing holiday is more and more appreciated.

The sea is a resource and an opportunity for holidays that will always be remembered, in fact the holiday on a boat is increasingly chosen by tourists and cannot ignore good practices that protect this resource.

A few tricks are enough to start having a more attentive and responsible attitude.


Translated by Biagio Vitolo